Logics Fort & Magento Partnership

Magento Commerce, the open source platform for commerce sites, is now a partner with Logics Fort.


Magento is a beneficial platform for shopping sites, with much to offer.
Not only is Magento able to deliver multiple shopping sites to suit different businesses, but they offer unprecedented control over design and execution with professional support. The Magento platform is built for growth, so you can be comforted to know that your business will be taken care of no matter how big it may get. These are just a few of the reasons that the Logics Fort partnership with Magento will benefit your business.

The Magento Commerce platform is taking the e-commerce industry by storm, and has not surprisingly become the leading and most comprehensive shopping cart software available today.

The robust platform is sure to offer your business reliable service and will take control over every aspect of your online business.

Logics Fort, along with the Magento platform, will make your online shopping cart more conducive to SEO strategies to increase traffic to your business. There are many ways to make your site SEO friendly; many of these marketing and conversion elements being built into the Magento structure. We have specially designed SEO tools that have been researched and developed to promise more loyal customers. Magento uses only proven SEO friendly tools that are coded to help your Google rankings.

Logics Fort has all the tools and talent to create custom scaleable ecommerce websites integrating the versatile Magento platform. Our web development team will create a design that is sure to grab the attention of potential customers and to ensure they do, in fact, become a customer.

Integration of the Magento backend will be seamless and will enhance the consumer shopping experience which increases your business success. This shopping platform offers comparison shopping, flexible coupons of all kinds, multi-tier pricing, cross-sells, and much, much more. You can adapt the layout of the shopping cart to suit your product lines and your business goals.

To make your experience easier from the back end, Magento promises to make the administrative area function as efficiently and accurately as possible. The best part of the Logics Fort and Magento Commerce partnership is that it is open source. This is helpful in that the cost will be far from those high level proprietary shopping carts.

As a Magento development provider, we build online stores that consistently leave the competition in the dust. Professional support from Digital Surgeons, the inventors of Magento, and a dynamic forum community provides service previously unheard of in the open source e-commerce realm. We will install your custom Magento website with the host of your choice, or arrange for professional ecommerce hosting services.

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