Yes, Logics Fort is full-service web design marketing Company. But we admit to having our passions.

  • Web


    First, we’re research junkies. We love to dig in to SEO, data, and marketing research to determine how to put your website FIRST on the Internet.

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  • Mobile


    Last but not least, we LOVE mobile projects. Mobile web, mobile apps, social apps ...
    you name it. We’ve done it.

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  • Ecommerce


    We also drool over a smart Ecommerce project. We are experts at Magento, the Ecommerce platform that’s trusted by leading brands.

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Here’s the full list of our services

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Lease A Team

Lease a team

What’s this? You can lease the Logics Fort team? That’s right! We’ve talked to so many companies that need exclusive design and development help, but aren’t ready -- or don’t need -- to hire a whole team full time, we’re now offering up ours.

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We are experts at Socialengine, the community site that’s trusted by leading brands. The Socialengine script is built for growth, so you can be comforted to know that your social community will be taken care of no matter how big it may get. These are just a few of the reasons that the Logics Fort partnership with Socialengine will benefit.

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Wordpress & Drupal

Wordpress & Drupal

Logics Fort specializes in Drupal and Word Press CMS solutions. Wordpress and Drupal are two of the most popular open source content management systems being used today.

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